December 22, 2014


There is a truly amazing technique using Botox as a treatment for treating oily and acne prone skin. If I hadn’t seen the treatment and results with my own eyes, I am not sure I would believe it! 

We all know that Botox is used cosmetically for diminishing lines and wrinkles. When used for that purpose, Botox is injected into the muscle to inhibit certain nerves from firing, resulting in a more relaxed, smoother appearance to treatment area.


Botox can also be injected shallowly into the skin (intradermally) to produce numerous and miraculous effects, including leaving your skin with a beautiful, smooth, almost matte-like finish, as if you just clciked "airbrush" in your photo editor.

Botox, when placed intradermally:

  • Significantly diminis...

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