October 6, 2014



My friend Jennifer used to laugh at everything. Everything. Even if I was recounting something that really annoyed me. She would laugh. Sometimes I would think, Does she think it’s stupid what I’m saying? Is it really not important? And then one day I decided, I’m going to try that: I’m going to laugh instead of get annoyed. When the guy cuts me off on Mopac I’m going to laugh at him for being so ridiculous instead of being affected by his anger. When the end of a stressful day is accentuated by a new mess from the dogs, or maybe a temper tantrum from the child….laugh at how crazy life can be instead of fill with anger.


It was a pretty amazing feeling, and that laughter creates its own momentum of happiness and release in your body. When...

May 1, 2013

Botox for Sad Smiles

Turn that frown upside down. A sad smile, or sad mouth, is where the corners of the lips are constantly pointing downward, looking almost as if they are being pulled down towards the chin. This gives the appearance of someone continually looking as if they are frowning, angry or sad. This effect is caused by certain muscles in the mouth being stronger than the muscles that oppose them. A Botox injection into the depressor muscle in the mouth area (anguli oris), causes it to relax, allowing the corners of the mouth to be gently lifted and upturned. The effect is instant happiness! OK, well maybe not, but within a few days of injection, the corners of the mouth will relax and the overall effect will be a happier looking s...

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