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Brotox, Boytox, Bloketox: Botox for Men

My office is right next to the entrance of our spa. I can see each of the clients as they walk in. Most times I barely look up. But when, out of the corner of my eye, I see a man come in, I always do a double take. I’m not sure why I continue to be surprised to see that men too want to partake in the treatments of a medical spa, because we do indeed have male clients that use a variety of our services. I guess it’s just the stigma of the idea that masculinity and skincare or beauty don’t mix.

But times change. More than 385,000 men in the US got Botox last year, which is an increase of over 300% over the last decade. And apparently the factors that drive men to seek out medical spa treatments, like Botox, are similar to what persuades women to want to look younger as well.

These factors include:

  • A tight job market: men are wanting to look younger to avoid age-related discrimination and make the best possible first impressison.

  • Men want to be seen as on top of their game and not look angry or tense with a furrowed brow: looking more calm and relaxed at work is alwaus a bonus

  • Seeing that their wives look more youthful, and wanting to look similar

  • Botox becoming more acceptable as growing numbers of male celebrities admit to getting such treatments

  • And of course, seeking out Botox injections at their partner’s request

So if you’re a man seeking out a Botox treatment, what should you keep in mind?

Men must be injected differently than women.

There are anatomical differneces in the face that need to be kept in mind, such as that men’s eyebrows are not arched like women’s, and therefore injections must be done accordingly so as to not give a male patient a feminized look.

Don’t aim for 100% correction.

Taking away all of a man’s wrinkles and creases can often cause a feminized look as well. When Botox is injected properly, some movement and some lines can be left so expressions are natural, and the result simply looks relaxed and more youthful. With 100% correction, the appearance would be smooth and frozen.

I have seen this before, and all I knew was that there was something wrong with those men’s faces, I just couldn’t figure it out until I worked in this industry. I would see men in their mid 50s to mid-60s and I would think, Hmmm…did they WAX their face?? What is happening here on their very shiny, smooth face that shouldn’t be happening?!

And now that I’m in the Botox know I think, OHHHHH!!! They’ve had too much Botox (or not had it properly injected). So men, please do your research on your injectors so you don’t end up with 100% correction and look like Bruce Jenner! Our Iris Taylor and Gina Jones would do no such thing, but will simply enhance your manly looks!

Don’t look for the best deal with Botox, look for the best injectors. And be aware that Botox injections require maintenance: generally every three to four months for as long as you want to keep those wrinkles away.

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