My Botox Isn't Working! A Guide to Why Your Results May Vary

Sometimes we have clients call and say “my Botox didn’t work this time” or “My Botox did absolutely nothing” or “I used that other one [Dysport] and nothing happened.” Sometimes it’s suggested that perhaps the Botox or Dysport was old and that’s why it didn’t work. This is absolutely not the case! Here’s the breakdown of why results with Botox or Dysport may vary sometimes.

First, and most importantly, rest assured you will never receive “old” or over-diluted Botox or Dysport with us. We, of course, order our products directly from the manufacturer and store them in proper conditions. And if it is comforting to know, we have roughly 220 Botox or Dysport clients a month, which means those products are ordered about twice a month. Meaning, that’s some brand-spanking-new Botox you’re receiving:).

Do be aware of pricing if you go somewhere else for a neurotoxin, and of course research the establishment and injectors. I once had a rep tell me she wouldn’t even call on establishments that price their neurotoxins below a certain price. This is because deeply-discounted Botox is probably not from the manufacturer or is over-diluted. For example, it is just not cost effective for an establishment to have Botox (that is from Allergan in the US and is properly reconstituted) priced below $10/unit, and that’s pushing it!

Why Isn’t my Botox Working?

There are several reasons why it might seem like your Botox didn’t work as well as your previous treatments. Those reasons would be: the amount of units received, how long it has been since your last appointment, and the possibility your body has built up antibodies to the neurotoxin proteins. Here are some things to keep in consideration:

Have Some Wiggle Room.

I know budget can be a very valid issue for medical spa treatments. However, if you are on a budget, it’s best to have to have some wiggle room for yourself, rather than be stuck to a very particular sum. I have seen this happen often. If this is a concern for you, our injectors recommend to wait until you have saved a little extra rather than skimp on how many units you use. Using fewer units, or basing your budget solely on how many units you used the previous treatment, may not work out. Units used can vary each time depending on how long it’s been between treatments, and if your cosmetic goals have changed.

Trust Your Injector.

You might be the type of person who comes every three months for your Botox appointment. And let’s just say life gets in the way and you end up not coming in for another treatment for 8 months. Well, when you are fastidious about the appointments, you will likely use fewer units at each appointment as your muscles will have become weaker. When you wait longer between each appointment, your muscles become stronger as the effects wear off. This means you will likely need more units at the next appointment. Trust your injector to tell you how many units you will need to use to achieve the results you are looking for.

Be Specific About What You Want.

Some people like to be frozen - they want zero movement in their face. This will require more units, for example, than the person who wants a slight brow lift and wants their crows feet treated. Be specific about what you are looking for so they know exactly how and where to inject you, and you won’t be disappointed.

Consider Switching.

If you’ve always received Botox and then suddenly you find that one day you aren’t getting results anymore (you’ve waited 10 days post treatment and you had a reasonable amount based on all of the above criteria) then you might need to switch to Dysport. Over time, your body begins to build up antibodies to the neurotoxin. By switching to Dysport (or if you always used Dysport, switching to Botox), which has a slightly different makeup, you will begin to get your results again. After some time has passed, you can switch back if you like. Happy injecting!!

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